Construction Documentation - Revit Modeling

Providing documentation from preliminary schematic presentation to completed permit drawings meeting all code related requirements for the location of the project.   I'm involved in the Revit modeling from the schematic design to completion.  Experienced modeler and Revit Family builder.


Revit Architecture Consulting

I have been using Revit Architecture since July 2007.  Since that time I have been involved in an extensive training and development program to learn how to best use and implement Revit throughout the design and construction process.  

I can provide Revit modeling and documentation services as well as help you to implement Revit in your architectural services.  Whether you need help with a current project, or help to plan and train your employees in the proper use of Revit, please consider my services as an option. 


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Consulting

"The field of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a broad based view of the activity of constructing an accurate virtual model of a building constructed digitally.  When completed, the computer-generated model contains precise geometry and  relevant data needed to support the construction, fabrication, and procurement activities needed to realize the building."  - BIM Handbook

Revit is one of several BIM design applications that can help you realize the benefits of a BIM based design process.

I can assist in evaluating and developing standards and procedures required to
improve the effective and productive use of Revit.  Includes developing efficient collaborative methods of working with the design and construction team throughout the entire design and construction timeline.